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Functional & Fashionable Adaptive Clothing for Women

For women whose pain or disability makes them struggle with overhead or behind-the-back motions, women’s adaptive clothing can make all of the difference. Our clothing for senior women can be slipped on from the front and fastened in the back, making getting dressed safer and less stressful, and the rugged fabrics make for easy care.

Since 1974, Wardrobe Wagon has offered garments with fronts that look normal for their style—with buttons, bows, and ties—but the front fastenings are mostly for decoration. Our adaptive clothing for women opens in the back, with secure snaps down the full length. Pants are fitted with complete elastic waistbands plus nine inch side zippers on both sides for ease of dressing and undressing.

Women’s back closing dusters, which are short-sleeved cotton/polyester blend, come in an assortment of styles and patterns and are perfect for lounging. Women’s back closing knits are casual polyester/cotton knit dresses in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, with back snaps from neckline to hem. Our women’s back closing fashions are dressier polyester or polyester/cotton blend blouses and dresses of varying sleeve length, color, print, and style. Finally, our Women’s back snap pants pair a back snap, casual style blouse in cheery prints or plain knits with lively screen printed designs, with matching adaptive slacks for a comfortable, casual look.