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Wardrobe Wagon
Since 1974

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Since 1974 Wardrobe Wagon has grown to be the largest designer, manufacturer, and seller of wearing apparel for those individuals who are in nursing homes or at home being taken care of by their loved ones.
Wardrobe Wagon's online catalog contains men's and ladies wearing apparel, underwear, hosiery and footwear. Many of the items are designed with the elderly and infirm in mind making it easier for people with limited mobility to get dressed and undressed every day. Most of the clothing is not readily available in the stores.

As we dress each day we tend to take certain things for granted. We raise both of our arms to put on an undershirt or sweater, put both arms behind us to put on a shirt or blouse. These simple tasks are extremely difficult for someone with arthritis or other ailments.

We offer both adaptive and traditional clothing for men and women. Our adaptive line closes down the back, allowing dressing with only the extension of both arms straight out front, and can be snapped by a caregiver. Dresses, shirts, blouses, undershirts, slips, and nightwear all are available with back snap closings. Shoes and sneakers come with easy to put on Velcro® closings

Wardrobe Wagon has been the leader in the health care apparel industry since 1974. With our unconditional guarantee and secure credit card site, you can buy with confidence.

We are now located at

M&M Health Care
1541-60th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Phone: 1-800-221-8929