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24-1 Unisex Wheelchair Cape w/Hood (18-02) Back Snap Sweater - Acrylic knit (4-1) Back Snap Duster - Polyester/Cotton
(23-2) Back Snap Knit Shirt - Short Sleeves (8-2) Back Snap Knit Pantsuit (15-3) Velour Pant Set
(15-3) Velour Pant Set
Our Price: $40.00


Anti-Strip & Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

Wardrobe Wagon has supplied adaptive clothing for seniors and the disabled since 1974. Adaptive clothing is specially designed for wearers who are unable to move freely and who dress with the aid of a caregiver. Wardrobe Wagon’s special needs clothing has back openings with snaps down the full length so arms need only be raised a minimal amount to slip on the garment. It is not necessary to struggle with overhead motion or painful behind-the-back stretches to dress.

Women’s back snap dusters are available in a variety of sizes and patterns, all of poly/cotton blend for easy care. We also carry women’s pants sets in casual and track suit styles. Wardrobe Wagon even offers knit cardigan sweaters with lovely cable detailing, all of which fasten in the back. For men, there are stylish back snap short-sleeved shirts. A hooded unisex cape is large enough to cover the wheelchair-bound and their chair, protecting them from inclement weather.

All of our senior clothing has standard front decorations, including buttons, so they look perfectly fashionable from the front, but the front buttons are for decorative purposes only. Adaptive clothing allows those who struggle with standard clothing to have garments which are nice enough to wear anywhere but simple to don and doff with aid. Wardrobe Wagon provides free shipping for large orders ($75 or more), or those sent to health care facilities, and optional free name labeling so garments don’t get mixed up in institutional laundry or at laundry services.